Environmental Policy

The beautiful environment in which Iken Barns is set is a great inspiration for us. It is also a constant reminder that we have a responsibility to care for and preserve this place, so that people can come and enjoy it for generations to come.

While there is always more that can be done, we have put in place the following measures to help put back into the environment and not take too much out!

Unavailable at present
Blue Bin
You can recycle a number of items in the blue bin – paper, cardboard, plastic bottles/containers and metal (including tin cans, foil etc.)
Black Bin
This is for any non-recyclable waste.
Glass Bin
There is a separate bin for glass items – bottles, jars etc.
We set the heating at a comfortable level in the winter months, but should you wish to turn it up, we ask that you do so cautiously, so as to avoid overheating your barn and using excess energy. Please also remember to turn it down if you know you are going to be out all day.
When we replace old furniture, we try to ‘re-home’ the old items, by asking about locally or by contacting local charities.
Keeping it Local
We have managed to source every item in the Welcome Pack from local producers and we always employ local people and businesses in the repair, maintenance and renovation of the barns and their grounds. We are delighted to be able to support Genesis Orwell Mencap, a local charity which employs people with learning disabilities to produce fabulously high quality garden furniture (as seen on Bay View’s patio).
Bed linen
This is supplied and laundered in bulk by a local company, and we ask that you only use what you need and leave clean and unused items.